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DE Clowney on the defensive

Posted by johnmurphyshow on February 23, 2014 – 11:50 am

In terms of sheer athletic ability, South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney is near the top of the list of the prospects at the NFL Scouting Combine.

But the doubts about his work habits and approach to the game that cropped up during his final year with the Gamecocks carried over into the NFL Scouting Combine this week. Clowney’s coach at South Carolina threw a couple of logs onto the fire earlier in the week when he talked about the talented defensive end.

Steve Spurrier told the NFL Network “He was OK. It wasn’t like Marcus Lattimore, you know, every player is a little different. His work habits are pretty good, they’re not quite like Lattimore, a Stephon Gilmore, Melvin Ingram, some of those guys, but when the ball is snapped he’s got something no one else has.”

On Saturday, when Clowney met the media at the combine, he was quickly asked about Spurrier’s comments.

“I don’t really have nothing to say about it,” he answered. “I believe I did work hard. You pull out any practice tape from last year, you’ll see that. That’s what I told them. I’ll tell everybody that. I will always be working hard. No matter where I end up I am going to work hard and give a team everything I’ve got.”

Clowney gets a chance to show his stuff in on-field workouts with the linebackers and defensive linemen on Monday.

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