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RWS Construction update: 3/7

Posted by on March 7, 2014 – 2:15 pm

Ralph Wilson StadiumConstruction updates: Nov. 12 | Nov. 20 | Dec. 4 | Dec. 19 | Jan. 15 | Jan. 29| Feb. 24

• Construction has begun in the southeast corner of the lower concourse for foundations for the new video board rendering the area under the Red Zone Club as impassable.
• All of the restrooms and concession stands on the lower level have been demolished. New concrete block exterior walls and framed interior walls are going up quickly with rough-in work for electrical and plumbing for these spaces following right behind. The work on the concessions and restrooms started in section 120 and has been progressing in a counter-clockwise direction.
• Installation of a new 10” diameter water main has begun. This will replace the 41-year old existing water main.
• Demolition of the press box is complete as we prepare to construct booths for coaches, broadcast TV, radio broadcast, clock operators, instant replay and two super-suites.
• Demolition of the first floor of the Admin Building is about 75% complete. Exterior walls on the stadium side of the building will be removed on 3/6. The top floor of the admin building is taking shape with wall framing and utility work that is necessary for the relocation of the scoreboard control room.

Operations Building
• All tests for elevator, fire alarm, HVAC, electric work and water service have been completed and accepted. Final reports have been submitted to Erie County and we will expect to receive a certificate of occupancy shortly.

Commissary Building
• The entire concrete floor was poured last week and the mechanical equipment will be moved into place starting on 3/10.
• Expected completion is June 2014.

Training Center
• Foundation construction is complete on the weight room side of the building.
• Foundations on the locker room side will continue. Please note: the garage doors to the fieldhouse will not be accessible until further notice.
• Crews are installing reinforcing to the overhead steel beams in the weight room, pool and meeting room. This is necessary to support the cafeteria expansion on the second floor.
• Temporary walls will be installed outside of the cafeteria the week of 3/10.

Site Work
• Excavations have begun for the construction of the monumental stairs on the north and south sides of the stadium.
• Time Warner started the relocation of the incoming services and National Fuel will increase our service line size with a new installation under Abbott Road.

Video Boards
• The foundations under the goal line club are complete and crews have now started to construct foundations under the red zone club. Note that lower concourse between sections 122 and 125 are impassable.
• The tri-vision board on the admin building has been stripped of all but structural steel components that are necessary to support a new video board.

Team Store
• Foundations are nearly complete and erection of structural steel is expected to begin on 3/12.

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