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Tasker: He cared deeply about this team

Posted by Chris Brown on March 25, 2014 – 9:13 pm

Bills Wall of Famer Steve Tasker took time to reflect on Mr. Wilson’s legacy in the game Tuesday after news of his passing. Loyal to Mr. Wilson for all he did for him, his career and his family, Tasker explained how much the Bills meant to the Hall of Fame owner.

Tasker even got choked up when he thought back to how much Mr. Wilson enjoyed the big victories.

“Back in those days when we were winning games… uhhh, occasionally… occasionally when we’d win a big one… it was great… to see what it meant to him,” said Tasker. “He didn’t fake his joy. He didn’t put on a front for how happy it made him. He didn’t make up any emotions to make it look good for any media or any fans.

“When the Bills won a big game, it was as if he was the only fan, and sometimes in the dark days maybe he was, but this team mattered to him deeply. For all the criticism and all the bad years and the dark times, the back to back 2-14 teams, it wasn’t because he didn’t care. He cared deeply.”

For Tasker even though it was a day he knew would eventually come, it didn’t make the news of Mr. Wilson’s passing any easier Tuesday.

“I’m like all of us. A lot of Bills fans have been standing on this cliff for a long time, but for those of us that played for him and knew him we were hoping it didn’t ever come,” he said. “I was pretty sad. I’m sad. I’m broken hearted over it. He’s a guy that I not only had a great deal of affection for personally, but I had a lot of respect for and I owed a lot of my success professionally and personally to him and this organization and I never forgot that and I never will. So I’m going to miss him greatly.”

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