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Frank Reich emotional about friend Jim Kelly

Posted by Buffalo Bills on April 5, 2014 – 3:48 pm

In Buffalo today for Mr. Wilson’s memorial, Frank Reich spoke emotionally about his fellow QB’s battle with cancer.

“It’s hard,” he said. “When I heard the cancer was back, my first thought was that he’s going to beat it because he’s Jim. Then you hear all the pain and the suffering he’s going through and you think about his family. Probably about five days ago it really hit me. Not living here and not eating and sleeping and drinking it every night, I finally had my moment. I was just sobbing in my bedroom on my knees next to my bed praying for him and his family.”

Reich said he’ll fly to New York City to visit Jim tomorrow.

“One of the thing that Jim inspires in me and in all of us is that he’s a family man. If you got to know Jim at all, you got to know his family. Now with his own family, I just think as great of a football player as he is, that’s the kind of family man he is and that’s why it’s very encouraging to see everybody embracing him the way they are and giving him the love and support he deserves.”

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