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UConn over UK? Easley: “this is what we do”

Posted by on April 7, 2014 – 4:00 pm

IMG_2468Before the opening tip of the 2014 NCAA Championship, caught up with WR Marcus Easley, a proud UConn grad, to get his thoughts on tonight’s matchup between the Huskies and Kentucky Wildcats. Looks like Marcus and Stevie Johnson will have something to argue about after all.

What was your reaction on Saturday while watching UConn upset the tournament’s No. 1 overall seed?
“I’m not really surprised; I’ve been calling it for a while. March Madness, this is what we do … men or women. We show up when it’s time. We’ve got one more to go.”

How has UConn changed and improved throughout the year?
“The name of the game in March is survive and advance. It’s not really how you win, it’s just a matter of if you win it. You never know – teams at the end of year want to get hot, so they hit the conference and NCAA tournament rolling. That’s what we’ve been doing since the American Conference tournament.”

How close are you to the current UConn men’s team? Have you met any of the players or coaches?
“I don’t know these guys too well, because I’m kind of old now (laughs), but I still follow them. Any time they are on TV, whether its football or men’s or women’s basketball. I always sit down and watch the game. When I’m watching I’m always decked out in UConn gear. Regardless of whether or not I’m on campus (anymore), they still have my full support.” (EDITOR’S NOTE: Look who’s in the background of the photo above. Seems as though women’s coach Geno Auriemma supports Easley in return!)

What will UConn have to do to beat Kentucky?
“Kentucky is the one team that scares me. They’re young, but they are athletic, and those guys can play. [UConn] has to continue to do the things that got them here: playing great defense and [Amida]Brimah blocking shots, our guards continuing to put pressure on their guards, and it would be nice if Shabazz [Napier] could step up one more time this year, with [DeAndre] Daniels playing aggressive like he has been.”

Any predictions on the game?
“Shabazz and [Ryan] Boatright have been pretty consistent with 20-plus points all tournament long, between the two of them. They need Daniels to be aggressive like he’s been doing – I’ve always said he was the x-factor; when he is on, we are pretty much unstoppable. Hopefully that continues tonight.”

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