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RECAP: The John Murphy Show April 15

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 15, 2014 – 10:40 pm


A variety of draft talk on tonight’s show. We look back on the drafts of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  Then switch gears to talk about the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft, focusing on the wide receiving corp. Rounding out the show is former Bills offensive lineman Ruben Brown, who is now leading the way for safety in youth football.

From 1979-1985, Bruce Nicholas was the Buffalo Bills assistant director of player personnel. During that time he was part of the Bills draft class in 1979 that saw the team select first overall but eventually never sign their top pick, Tom Cousineau. Although, that year brought in such greats as Jerry Butler and Fred Smerlas.jerrybutler2

“It was a great beginning for us in ’79 to get 4 or 5 really good players. Even though Cousineau did not sign with us, we were able to trade the rights to him later and come up with beneficial players.”

That trade was to Cleveland which eventually landed the Bills Jim Kelly in the 1983 draft.






ESPN Draft Analyst Kevin Weidl returned to the show to discuss the upcoming NFL Draft. Tonight’s focus was on the wide receiver group. Weidl says this year’s class in one of the deepest he can remember.


“You look at the top 16 of our wide receivers ranked, 14 of them are underclassmen. It is a very deep class. There is a wide variety that come in all shapes and sizes and a lot of different fits.”

Weidl also says that high talent receivers could be available in the fourth or fifth round, which you wouldn’t have seen in previous drafts.

0ap2000000258961Finally, former Bills offensive lineman Ruben Brown calls in to discuss his new gig as a master trainer for USA Football’s Heads Up Program. The program is designed to teach safety to those in youth football which includes proper tackling tactics.

“The main focus on the technique is to try to tell kids not to use their head to tackle. Your head should always be up so you can see where you’re going. You’re in a vulnerable position when your head is down.”

Brown says he also wants to encourage coaches in football to join the program to create better practice plans using correct fundamentals.

The John Murphy Show from Tuesday April 15 can be heard in its entirety below:


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