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Ruben Brown tackles concussion awareness

Posted by Buffalo Bills on April 16, 2014 – 5:28 pm

Former Buffalo Bills guard and nine-time Pro Bowler Ruben Brown appeared on the John Murphy Show Wednesday night to discuss is new found role as an impact voice in the Heads Up Football initiative – a comprehensive youth football membership program developed by USA Football and supported by the NFL to further strengthen youth player safety.

Brown now serves as a Heads Up Football Master Trainer, hosting events in his home state of Virginia and in the Buffalo area. He teaches youth football coaches throughout the region proper tackling techniques, equipment fitting, concussion awareness and heat and hydration information that they then pass on to their players.

“The main focus on the techniques in the program is trying to tell kids not to use their heads to tackle,” Brown said. “Your head should always be up so you can see where you’re going. When your head is down the only thing you can see are your feet or your opponent’s feet, and you’re in a vulnerable position with your head down. The crown of your head is exposed, and that’s the most vital part on your body when you’re playing a collision sport.”

Brown’s new role will allow him to have a significant impact on the development of youth football in his hometown and the way coaches deliver the Heads Up message.

“We want to encourage all the coaches that are in football to join this because the NFL, USA Football, the NCAA, professional trainers, athletic trainers – everyone has come together to bring a consensus on the practices of teaching young kids how to be involved in football from tackling to hydrating, what to eat, how to prepare, what you’re doing before you put pads on,” Brown said. “There’s a lot of training steps that they want to get out to the public so we can have our players play the game safer.”

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