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Experts see LB Mosley as a top 10 prospect

Posted by Chris Brown on April 17, 2014 – 8:10 pm

There have been some questions among the draft prognosticators on whether Alabama LB C.J. Mosley is stout enough to handle the middle LB role in a 4-3 defense. And one draft analyst sees him coming off the board in the top 10 after being widely projected as a mid-first round pick.

First and foremost NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis both believe Mosley is scheme versatile and can handle a true MLB role.

“I think he can play in either defense. Mosley, I think he doesn’t get talked about enough. When you watch him on tape, you talk about guys being clean players, I don’t have a lot of negatives when I watch him. I thought he could play in a 3-4 defense, I thought he could take on blockers better than he gets credit for, I think he’s ideally suited to be a MIKE in a 4-3,” said Jeremiah. “In today’s game that MIKE LB has a lot of coverage responsibilities, I think he’s good in coverage, a good blitzer, but the most impressive aspect of his game is his instincts. I remember scouting DeMeco Ryans at Alabama, and that’s what set him apart. I personally think he’s a better player than DeMeco was coming out, and DeMeco has had a nice career. So I think hes one of those guys who can play in either defense, ideally for me I’d like to see him as a MIKE in a 4-3.”

Charles Davis agreed on Mosley’s fit for a 4-3.

“The way the game is being played now, I don’t think we’re worried about size as much anymore,” said Davis. “Because you don’t have so many teams that you’re worried about all that downhill stuff coming at your MIKE LB. His ability to run, diagnose, hit, supercedes everything else. His ability to run and stay on the field for 3 downs, CJ Mosley is that type of player. I know recently at Alabama big LBs that have haven’t played up to capabilities perhaps, but I don’t think CJ Mosley is one of those guys, I really like him a bunch.”

That would make him a fit for the Bills new 4-3 front under new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Mosley has been forecast as a mid-first round pick, and it sounds as though the NFL Network’s draft analysts might think even more highly of him than that.

Davis mentioned Mosley specifically in relation to where the Bills are picking at nine.

“I think the momentum is building towards him moving more toward the top of the draft,” said Davis. “I think Buffalo is a place he could easily go in the top 10 and be that guy.”

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