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Steve Calhoun Coaches EJ Manuel: JMS 4/24

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Newly appointed Pro Scout Gerald Dixon came into the studio to discuss his new role. After spending the previous six years coaching at The Citadel, Dixon joins the Bills to assess professional talent around the league.

Gerald Dixon-WCU-3


“I just don’t have a whistle in my mouth anymore. I’m not out there coaching but I’m still out there evaluating players and giving information to the coaches. It all ties together. Football is football and you either know it or you don’t. It’s just not my job to go out there to tell the players what to do. I just get the information and pass it along to the right people.”

Dixon also discussed his time in the Bills defensive backfield. He was in training camp with the team in 2004.

At the top of the hour we were joined by former Bills long snapper Ethan Albright. Albright is now part of the North Carolina football radio broadcast. He spent last season covering Tarheel tight end Eric Ebron. Ebron is a first round prospect entering this year’s NFL draft.

Eric Ebron

“He presents a lot of problems. I would list him as an athlete versus a tight end. You can’t cover him with a linebacker. If you put a defensive back on him and you audible to a run, he’s got a huge advantage in the running game. He just presents a lot of problems with his speed and size combination.”

Albright continues to hold the record for playing the most consecutive games as a long snapper. He retired from the NFL in 2010.


Steve Calhoun is the founder of Armed and Dangerous Football. Since 2005, he has been training and coaching quarterbacks of all levels. Bills quarterback EJ Manuel is one of his clients. The two have worked together since Manuel’s days at Florida State and recently got together during the current offseason.

“He reached out to me after the season and said I need to get back to you. I need you to get me to the Pro Bowl. I said if you give me the time, I’ll get you there.”

ej and steve calhoun

Calhoun met with EJ in California and Florida to continue work on fundamentals.

“You never can stop working on your throwing mechanics. I can relate it back to golf. Tiger Woods, as good as he is still has a swing coach. It’s just so technical, you need somebody there to identify the little details you can’t really feel.”

For more information on Armed and Dangerous Football you can visit their website at

You can listen to the complete John Murphy Show below:

(Dixon – 23:58, Albright – 41:00, Calhoun – 01:06:49)

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