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K. Elliott: Angry and Ready to Return – JMS 4/28

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 28, 2014 – 10:30 pm


The John Murphy Show returns for another week. Draft countdown continues, poising the question on Monday, what does it mean to draft the best available player? Should the Bills should ignore their needs and do just that?

Bills wide receiver Kevin Elliott calls-in to discuss his offseason, which included rehab from a serious knee injury. He tore his ACL in the last year’s preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings. The Bills immediately placed the wideout on injured reserve. Elliott was vocal about his anticipation to return to the team, now fully healthy, and show the coaches he belongs on the roster.

“It was real tough.  I’ll tell you this, I got a lot of emotion and a lot of anger built up from one year just watching football that I can’t wait to let out on the field this year.”

Elliott spent part of his offseason down in Miami, Florida working out with his teammate, quarterback EJ Manuel.

elliott offseason workout pic

“We had a chance to run routes and get together and talk outside of football and get that chemistry going a little bit earlier. ”

In the second hour we were joined by the co-president of Aaron Aloysius. His site gives viewers a unique way to break down the draft prospects, including long-form videos of over 400 players for fans to watch.

“I think here’s a lot of guess and check. There’s a lot of time to trust your own eyes and form your own evaluations. I do think that through that process you’ll become a more informed fan, a more informed evaluator. I know some people that have aspirations to pursue a professional career in scouting will go to our site and use that as the beginning of their path.”

You can see all the videos on the site along with in-depth scouting reports at

Finally, NFL agent and contributor to National Football Post Jack Bechta discusses his recent article on what mock drafts lack. Bechta gives insight on what is true about a players ranking and what should be tossed out, basically telling us not to believe what we hear leading up the draft.

“They all don’t get the big picture. They don’t get the medical reports. They don’t get the character reports.  They get third and fourth party hearsay. If I’m the Buffalo Bills or the Seattle Seahawks and I have intel on a guy that makes his special or not-so-special whether if it’s from the medical, from the character, or from the football IQ, I’m not sharing that with anybody. That stays in-house.”

You can hear The John Murphy Show in-full, below:
(Elliott – 23:51, Aloysius – 40:47, Bechta – 1:01:28)

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