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“That will cost you a king’s ransom” JMS 4/29

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With rumors swirling around the league and in the media, we ask listeners, for the right prospect, should the Bills move up in the draft to get a certain player? Former NFL Scout Greg Gabriel joined the show and he believes the Bills should not make that an option.

“What you have to give up to move into the top three is a king’s ransom. When you look at the trade sheet, they will have to give up a ton of points. Most likely they will have to give up next year’s number one, plus this year’s number one, and probably another couple of picks this year. Buffalo is not in the position to go after one player. They need a lot of good solid football players to help them win. They are still building the program and they are not there yet. I just can’t see Doug (Whaley) doing that.”

Gabriel also said that most of the information teams are putting out right now just before the draft is false and purposely false. It’s done to keep everyone guessing. Gabriel was a part of doing just that in his 30-years working as a scout in the league.

“I used to say to the media that the first thing I have to do after the draft is go to confession because of all the lies I have told.”

Bills Defensive Back Nickell Robey called into the show to look back on being undrafted last year and why he chose to sign with the Buffalo Bills. One factor was his respect for one of the Bills defensive coaches.

Nickell Robey


“Coach (Donnie) Henderson called me and told me how much he liked me and what he saw of me at USC. When that time came, I took his deal because he sounded the most genuine and most serious about the defensive core.”

Robey also looked back on his rookie season and looked back at two plays that were at the top of the highlight reel, including a pick-six against the Dolphins last October in Miami.

“I love that play. That is one of the best plays of my career so far. I’m looking to make more plays like that and make the organization better by performing at a top-level and making sure I come through on my end.”


Finally, we’re joined by the Bills Senior VP of Marketing and Broadcasting Marc Honan. Honan was in studio to discuss the introduction of the teams new variable ticket pricing for home games. This new system is put in place to improve attendance for specific games throughout the year.

“We have some of the lowest prices in the league and our goal is to sell every ticket in this building.”
You can hear all of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show below:

(Robey – 24:01, Gabriel – 41:00, Honan – 01:04:11)

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