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Falcons ok to move back, but not out of top 10

Posted by Chris Brown on April 30, 2014 – 6:50 pm

The Atlanta Falcons held their pre-draft press conference today (Wednesday) with GM Thomas Dimitroff. With a lot of talk about the Falcons being poised to make a move off their sixth overall pick, Dimitroff was asked about the prospect of moving out of the six hole.

Most of the talk has surrounded speculation that the Falcons will move up, perhaps all the way to the top spot to take Jadeveon Clowney in a deal with Houston. But Dimitroff hinted that there may be more value in moving back from six.

“It allows us to think about the  ability to move back as well,” he said. “There are some really, potentially, good opportunities to move back and potentially gain more picks in the draft.”

Dimitroff did not reveal the teams that he’s talked with, but did say he’s had some interesting discussions.

“I’ve talked to many teams about many things and trades are part of that,” said Dimitroff. “The big thing is to make sure you have an idea of what the compensation would be if something were to come to fruition in the draft. Whether you travel down that road or not it’s important to gauge what the compensation might be.”

Dimitroff called the quality of talent in the top 10 picks a “top notch top 10,” and predicted that while there may be a lot of movement with teams in the top 10 he doesn’t see many teams apt to move out of the high rent district.

“We’re excited to be in that top 10. This top 10 is so versatile. I just feel like there’s some really good versatile talent. I think you’re going to have some impact driven football players this year. It’s a very accomplished top 10,” said Dimitroff. “Most of the people that are in the top 10 this year, more than likely want to stay in the top 10. They may want to trade within the top 10, but they don’t want to trade out of the top 10.”

That could benefit a team like the Bills knowing their pick at nine would remain attractive if they wanted to make a move up the board. Atlanta already has 10 picks in this year’s draft, which is what has fueled the idea of a move up the board rather than back.


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