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How Manziel draft drama could unfold

Posted by Chris Brown on April 30, 2014 – 4:26 pm

QB Johnny Manziel is already the most headline grabbing prospect in this year’s draft. ESPN NFL draft analyst Todd McShay believes that the heart stopping quarterback could create even more drama in next week’s draft if he gets past Cleveland at four, which at this point sound possible.

“Manziel I think it’s four or it’s going to get really interesting,” said McShay. “From what I understand there are discussions, as there is in every draft room, in the (Cleveland) organization that that’s the way to go. I think that would be a good fit and I don’t think every place would be a good fit for him. I think having Kyle Shanahan there and the west coast system and having had RGIII, and I’m not saying they’re the same player, but Johnny Manziel’s game is about movement and elusiveness. But I think he’s a good fit for them because they have the right people and right system in place.

“If he doesn’t go four the wild card is St. Louis. They won’t take him at two, but they could do some moving around and they’re rumored in a lot of potential trades. Les Snead likes to trade and Jeff Fisher isn’t opposed to it either. If St. Louis sits at two and takes an offensive tackle he’s not going to Jacksonvile, he’s not going to Oakland, he’s not going to Atlanta. I don’t buy the Tampa Bay rumors and if he gets past Minnesota he’s not going to Buffalo, Detroit or Tennessee or the Giants.

“So if he gets past four he could fall to 13 to St. Louis. I’m not saying St. Louis would take him at 13, but it’s a possibility. He’s on their radar and there are people in that organization who really like him. He’s the most polarizing player in this draft. If he gets past four it’s going to be the all-time drama. Where he’s going to go, who is trying to trade up? It’s going to make for an unbelievable scene if he’s on the board at five, but there’s a decent likelihood he goes four to Cleveland.”

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