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“Not a wise move to part with picks” JMS 4/30

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Heavy Johnny Manziel talk on tonight’s show. The flashy Texas A&M quarterback has plenty of supporters and plenty of doubters. Listener views were split across the board but made for great discussion throughout the show.

Johnny Manziel

The NFL Network provides around the clock coverage of the upcoming NFL Draft. One network analyst is Daniel Jeremiah who joined the show to discuss what he could see the Bills doing with their first round pick next week. His latest mock draft has Buffalo going with North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron.

Eric Ebron, Rocco Scarfone

“Anytime you have a young quarterback, I think it’s all about trying to get them easy completions. The best way to do that is with a difference maker at the tight end position, in between the hashes. Those are easier throws. You have guys that can separate and get some space and I think that’s a quarterback’s best friend. If you invest that first round pick in EJ Manuel, I think the draft should be about helping him out. The best way you can do that is with a guy like Eric Ebron. I think he’s clearly the top tight end in this draft class.”

Jeremiah also feels that teams looking for a tight end are not putting a high regard on their blocking skills and that shouldn’t be an issue on whether to take Ebron if he’s still on the board.

It’s been reported that moving up in the draft could be an option for the Bills, especially if a player like Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins is available. Jeremiah says that because of the depth at that position, he doesn’t see the Bills making the move up to draft a top receiver.Sammy Watkins

“If you’re not going to go up and get one of those pass rushers, I don’t know if it’s a wise move to part with precious picks in this draft. I think I’d rather stay where I am or maybe even slide down.”

ESPN Draft Analyst Kevin Weidl rejoined the show. This week, Weidl discussed the tone setters on defense in this year’s draft. These are players with a more aggressive and physical style of play.

“These are the guys that are not the most standout players that you hear but they are going to set the tone. They are going bring a physical element to the defense and I believe they are the building block behind creating a strong foundation for a physical defensive style unit. They usually travel well and when you travel well, you perform well in the playoffs.”

Weidl went on to talk about Alabama linebacker CJ Mosley and how his draft stock may have dropped in the eyes of some covering the draft. Weidl is high on Mosley and feels could be a fit for the Bills at the ninth pick.

Alabama Auburn Football

“Some teams might have medical concerns. Some teams might be fine with their medical checks. I don’t know what Buffalo’s situation is with him. To me, a healthy CJ Mosley is well worth the pick at nine as a value. I think he is one of the top 10 pure football players.”

Weidl also discussed the bigger sized running backs in the upcoming draft. Those mentioned included players that were at One Bills Drive for pre-draft visits. He also touched on quarterbacks that may available in the later rounds.

We were also joined by owner and founder of Stadium Journey, Paul Swaney. The website ranks professional sport stadiums and arenas including the game day experience involved in each. Dealing with NFL Stadiums, Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts ranks atop his list. Ralph Wilson Stadium ranks in the bottom third of the league landing at number 21. Although, Swaney says after the current construction is finished at the stadium, they will redo their evaluation. The Washington Redskins and FedEx Field rank last. Swaney welcomes fans to share their own personal experiences on the website as well.

You can hear the complete John Murphy Show Below:

(Jeremiah – 25:33, Swaney – 42:33, Weidl – 01:01:21)


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