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“He makes everyone around him better” JMS 5/2

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Ending the week on The John Murphy Show we continued to watch the “draft clock”. We asked listeners by next week’s end, what would make a good Bills Draft? Would it be filling positions of need or who (a big name) they drafted that made it a successful draft?


An interesting guest in our first hour, ESPN’s Sports Science host John Brenkus joined the show to talk about his Emmy Award winning program. The latest episode focused on this year’s draft prospects. Players from different positions were put through a series of tests designed to break down their skillset. The results of these tests were then compared to the other NFL players tested. Both Clemson wide receiver and Texas A&M wide out Mike Evans both were rated among the highest receivers ever tested. North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron rated atop the tight end position.

manuel sport science

Last year, Bills quarterback EJ Manuel was in the ESPN Sport Science lab and rated as the highest quarterback in that year’s draft. Manuel, of course, was the first QB taken off the board in the first round in 2013. Brenkus said he discussed the results with the Bills before they drafted the QB.


“I believe we were the only major organization that said EJ Manuel was the best quarterback in the draft. We talked to people within the Buffalo Bills organization about our Sports Science segment and obviously they didn’t make their decision on our segment but certainly it helped them make their decision. We feel there is a ton of upside to EJ.”


Charlie Yook, coordinating producer on the NFL Network during the NFL Draft called in at the top of the hour. The NFL Network will have 51-hours of continuous coverage throughout the 3-day event. Yook described the progression of the NFL Draft over the years.

“It’s definitely become a word we use, eventized. It’s not just the Commissioner coming up and saying here is the pick and one network doing it. It’s very much becoming like election coverage. It’s an event.”


Yook also describes how the NFL Network receives an incoming pick a minute before it’s broadcasted to make sure they can gather up the proper video and graphics associated with the pick.

“We’ve got tapes of over 750 different college players and almost 2000 individual highlight clips of each guy.”


Notre Dame Football beat writer for the South Bend Tribune Eric Hansen in the last half hour. Hansen gave his analysis on a handful of draft prospects including Irish offensive tackle Zack Martin and tight end Troy Niklas.

Zack Martin

Martin: “This is a guy who went up against very elite players this year. The last time he gave up a sack was the first game of the 2012 season when there was a miscommunication on the first snap of the season. Zack went against great competition and played big in big games.”


Hansen believes that Martin was by far Notre Dame’s MVP last season. He believes that whatever team gets him will be very happy.

Troy Niklas

Nicklas: “He’s a physical freak. The first day that they moved him from defensive outside linebacker to tight end, he capsized two blocking sled when he was learning how to block as a tight end. They call him Hercules…He’s going to be an outstanding blocker and maybe even an elite blocker in the NFL. I think as a receiver, that’s where his growth curve is and we’ll see how good of a receiver he will be.”



You can hear Friday’s full show, below:

(Brenkus – 24:18, Yook – 41:22, Hansen – 01:04:04)

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