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Steelers top teams with most drafted starters

Posted by Chris Brown on May 5, 2014 – 5:21 pm

As we covered in our third installment of ‘On the Clock’ driven by Michelin – ‘Believing in building through the draft’ we outlined how more of the successful NFL teams have draft picks as starters. It’s not an absolute by any means, but clubs with more homegrown talent tend to enjoy more success. Here’s the rankings of teams with the most starters on their roster who were their own draft choices.

The Bills are tied for the fifth-most draft choices that are starters on offense or defense. Here’s the rundown with Pittsburgh on top with 18.

# Starters            Team    
18                           Pittsburgh
17                           Green Bay
17                           Minnesota
16                           New England
15                           Atlanta
15                           Cincinnati
15                           San Francisco
14                           Baltimore
14                           Kansas City
14                           Philadelphia
14                           San Diego
14                           Seattle
14                           St. Louis
13                           Arizona
13                           Buffalo
13                           Dallas
13                           Houston
13                           NY Jets
12                           Cleveland
12                           Tennessee
11                           NY Giants
10                           Carolina
10                           Denver
10                           Detroit
10                           Miami
10                           New Orleans
9                              Chicago
9                              Jacksonville
8                              Indianapolis
8                              Oakland
8                              Tampa Bay
8                              Washington

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