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“There’s pressure to win now” JMS 5/5

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 5, 2014 – 10:07 pm


The week of the NFL Draft has finally arrived. Tonight on The John Murphy Show we asked the listeners what Bills draft pick would make them “throw a brick through their TV?” A variety of results were spilled out throughout the night.


In the first hour we were joined by Bills cornerback Ron Brooks. Brooks had his first two years in the league cut short by injuries and he’s looking forward to staying healthy and making a name for himself on special teams and also in the defensive backfield.


“It felt like I got put behind the eight ball a little bit but I worked my way back into the defense and got to play a little bit. This year I’m looking forward to staying healthy and going back out there and competing with the guys I have in my room.”

With the draft approaching we asked Brooks to look back on his day being drafted in the fourth round by BuffaloRon Brooks in 2012.


“Everybody wants to go in the first round on that first day. I just had to stay patient and just believe that it would happen when it happens. I was able to get opportunity with the Bills and got on up here and have been playing football and doing what I love to do most.”


Brooks also touched on new defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz and says he likes his aggressive style and is looking forward to Schwartz bringing his knowledge and skill set to the Bills defense. He also gave some insight on his former teammates at LSU, 2014 draft prospects WR Odell Beckham, Jr. and QB Zach Mettenberger.


Bills Insider Chris Brown joined the show at the top of the hour to discuss his latest post on “On The Clock: Building Through the Draft”


“The tried-and true-formula is really to build through the draft and hope you hit on two or three in a row. As the Eagles GM Howie Roseman said in our story, if you have four drafts like that in a row you should be set for several years to come because that is now the core of your football team.”

on the clockAlthough, Brown did say that there is pressure on general manager’s around the league to win now and some feel they don’t have the time to build through the draft.


“Even Doug Whaley said you have three years to make it happen these days in the NFL. There’s just not patience among ownership in this league. You’re also fighting a battle with your head coach because your head coach knows his livelihood and job security is dependent on winning games so he’s going to want to draft players who are the most ready to win. If there is not enough draft picks ready to win he will want you spend in free agency to give him proven players that know how to win. You’re constantly fighting this balance.”


We also listened in to a pre-draft conference call with ESPN Analyst and former Bills General Manager Bill Polian. Polian touched on this year’s quarterback class, drafting talent versus character, and what role second and third round picks should play on a team.


You can hear Monday’s complete John Murphy Show, below:


(Brooks – 22:59, Brown – 41:30)

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