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Former GM gives his take on the draft – JMS 5/7

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 7, 2014 – 10:15 pm


Plenty of draft talk on the eve of the NFL Draft first round. We took a break from that with our first guest. Bills Quarterback Thad Lewis joined the show to discuss his path to the league. Lewis went undrafted in 2010 but was able to sign on with St. Louis Rams before bouncing around the league and finally joining the Bills last preseason. He recapped last year when he had some success in the Bills offense when he filled in for an injured EJ Manuel.


After rattling off the names of quarterbacks in his draft class, we asked Lewis what they all had in common?

Thad Lewis

“They were drafted and I wasn’t. I sat home in the seventh round and didn’t hear my name called and it was pretty discouraging. I got that one phone call with a free agent deal with the St. Louis Rams and I knew I had to make the best of my situation.”


Lewis and the rest of the quarterbacks returning for the upcoming season have a full season and an upcoming offseason to digest and craft Nathaniel Hackett’s offensive system.

“It’s tremendous knowing exactly what you’re doing. The whole thing now is ironing out the kinks getting the communication down because we are no huddle and want to go fast. At the same time you want to be efficient and be on the same page. Getting the opportunity to do that has been great and it has been going pretty smooth.”


ESPN Draft Analyst Kevin Weidl continued his run on the show giving us his expert advice leading up to the draft. With the rumors swirling that the Bills might want to trade up, Weidl believes the team should stay put on the number nine spot.


“I just don’t’ know if they have the ammo to do it. I would sit back at nine. I still think you can get a pretty good player. I look at a guy like Mike Evans if he would happen to fall. You’re looking at guys like Eric Ebron at nine, maybe a Zack Martin who would fit at the right tackle position opposite Cordy Glenn.”


When put on the spot, Weidl said that the biggest surprise of the first round could come with the Dallas Cowboys and Johnny Manziel.


In the last half-hour we got an inside look into the draft with former Tampa Bay Buccaneer General Manager Mark Dominik. Dominik is now an ESPN Analyst. Dominik says the days leading up to the draft are all about wheeling and dealing with other teams around the league.


“That’s what I was doing a year ago today. I was sitting trying to make phone calls figuring out if it was a good idea to move up, move back, and who had interest in which picks and vice versa. That’s what I’m sure Doug Whaley is doing and a lot of the general managers are doing is getting their board set on where they might be able to move.”


Dominik also discussed who knows what leading up to the draft regarding on who might be their top pick. Even the night before, teams are not revealing who they might want to take.

“That’s one hundred percent true. The only person that should know today is your owner, probably your head coach, and your director of player personnel could have an very good indication.”


Dominik also said that the goal for a team is to get three starters out of their draft class, not essentially in year one but in-time that is the goal.


You can hear the full John Murphy Show below:


(Lewis – 26:55, Weidl – 41:03 , Dominik – 01:06:48).

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