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Teams in top 10 jockeying with each other

Posted by Chris Brown on May 8, 2014 – 1:24 pm

Bills GM Doug Whaley in an interview with talked about where the competition lies with respect to improving one’s position on the draft board.

“Right now I would say just from our conversations that there’s more competition moving inside the top 10 than teams trying to get in the top 10,” Whaley told

As Buffalo’s GM reads it teams in the top 10, while they may be interested in moving somewhere else among the top 10 picks, they’re not very interested in moving outside of the top 10.

“That’s because you’re going to get a really good player in the top 10 and you don’t want to take yourself away from a really good player,” said Whaley. “It’s all relative. It depends on what your needs are and what you’re really trying to accomplish in this draft.”

Atlanta GM Thomas Dimitroff, who is armed with 10 total draft choices including the sixth overall pick, and is also reported to be interested in making a move up the board said last week that he expects movement mainly within the top 10 as well.

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