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What GMs weigh in trades up and down board

Posted by Chris Brown on May 8, 2014 – 3:37 pm

NFL GM’s will be faced with big time decisions in terms of moving up or down the draft board and if the compensation is right to make a deal. Bills GM Doug Whaley said you weigh different things when you’re trading up as opposed to trading down.

In an appearance on Bills flagship station WGR Sportsradio 550, Whaley explained the difference in what’s considered between a move up the board and a move back.

On moving up
“It’s a combination of everything. You weigh the player, the compensation that you’re giving up,” said Whaley. “You weigh how he can affect our team, not only this year, but in future years compared to what you’re giving up. So there are a lot of different dynamics that go into that.”

On trading down
“Trading down is a little different. Do you feel comfortable enough to trade away from someone you can get at ‘X’ that you won’t be able to get at ‘Z,’” Whaley said. “So is that talent level equal to the compensation that you can pick up. So it’s a fine line and juggling act and it’s an inexact science.”

Whaley also explained how they have dividing lines on their board separating certain prospects from others.

“Our draft board is set up and there’s a line of guys that we would trade up for, there’s a line of guys we wouldn’t trade away from and a line where this is as far as we would go,” he said. “Those play into our thinking and conversations with other teams.”

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