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Scott: Watkins a polished route runner

Posted by Chris Brown on May 9, 2014 – 5:45 pm

Sammy Watkins is a lot of things on the football field, but one thing he was knocked for was that more than half of his receptions came within five yards of the line of scrimmage. That had nothing to do with the ability of their quarterback or Watkins talents as a wideout, but rather a byproduct of how defenses chose to play him. We talked to Clemson receivers coach Jeff Scott about just how polished a route runner Watkins is.

“He can run all the routes,” Scott said. “Obviously he has room to improve, but he was a really good route runner for us at Clemson. Obviously what we did with him was dictated a lot by the defense. After his freshman year teams said we’re not going to get beat over the top without giving some help to his side. So their approach was we’re going to make them throw short and be consistent with it.

“That was more of a compliment to him because of his ability to go over the top. He’s a very versatile receiver. He can take short throws a long way, but he’s also a very good deep ball route runner and he adjusts to the ball well. He goes up and attacks the ball and also intermediate routes. He really did a good job developing those.”

Watkins had to work harder on the intermediate routes because he was so explosive off the line and getting to top speed that to gear down to break back to the quarterback on a curl or a comeback required a ton of technique work.

“That was something he had to work on was his break points,” said Scott. “His acceleration is so high it takes him a bit longer for him to stop that and come back to the quarterbacks. That was something he had to continue to learn and develop, but he’s definitely ready and polished and can make an instant impact at the next level.”

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