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Hairston: “It’s really good to be back” JMS 6/6

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 6, 2014 – 9:36 pm


Two weeks down as the Bills wrapped up their OTAs for the week. One player who has seen the return to the field is offensive lineman Chris Hairston. Hairston missed all of last season with a back injury and then an illness. With his back issue is resolved he rejoined his teammates but knows he has a lot ahead of him.


“I don’t think God put me in that situation to do anything but make me. Having that conviction and having that faith made it a little easier to get through, a little easier to fight, and a little easier to get back out here to be in the position I am to come back and be here with the Bills.”


Hairston says the coaching staff has liked what he has put on tape in his first two years in the league but admits with the new coaching staff he has a lot of work to do to show them what type of player he can be. Even more so now that there has been added depth to the offensive line.


“The game stops for nobody. This league keeps rolling and that’s what makes it such a great league and so competitive. There’s always a younger guy coming in to push you. That pushes the level of play up and you can’t fault the game for that. That’s a part of the business. That’s what you sign up for and that’s why the guys that are here and that have been here for such a long time are such productive players.”



During Thursday’s session because of a couple players absence, Hairston had a chance to play inside at the guard spot.

bradham pic

Pro Football Focus released each team’s 2014 Secret Superstar. Pete Damilatis, PFF’s NFL analyst gave his pick for the Buffalo Bills, third year linebacker Nigel Bradham. Bradham did not get much playing time in 2013 but Damilatis had him graded as the best run defender out of all the linebackers on the roster.


“What we saw most from him is that he really has a fearlessness when it comes to attacking the run especially at the point of attack. We would see often times where there would be a lead blocker, a fullback coming in to clear the way, and Bradham would get in there and he would stonewall him and blow up the entire play. I like that a lot from him and by the end of the season, despite only playing a quarter of the snaps of the other guys like Kiko Alonso and Mario Williams, he actually had the best run defense rating of any linebacker on the Bills roster and the 8th best run defensive grade of any inside linebacker in the entire NFL.”


You can hear more from Damilatis and an earlier interview with Bills Running Back Anthony “Boobie” Dixon by clicking below.



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