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“A lot of talent in that room” – JMS 6/16

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It was the return of John Murphy on tonight’s show. Our first guest at the bottom of the first hour was Bills Wide Receiver Chris Hogan. Hogan was a standout during the 3-week OTA sessions and said he felt the past few weeks have been valuable in learning the offense and in finding his role on the team. He’s been working mostly inside as a slot receiver.

Chris Hogan

“I like it a lot. It’s a fun part of the game for me. There’s a little bit more thinking involved with reading defenses and knowing what to expect here and what coverages they’re going to give you…This is the NFL, so you have to adjust on the fly a number of times. You have to know what you’re doing which is key and then after that letting your instincts take over. The slot is a good time.”


Hogan also told us he has built a lot of respect during this offseason for his quarterback, EJ Manuel. He describes a difference in the second year QB since the end of last season.


“I think he’s really taken a pretty good leadership role in this offense. You can tell just in his work ethic, before practice and after practice, his days off, I can see it and other people can see it. He’s really working at his craft at quarterback.”


At the top of the second hour, Steve Palazzolo the Senior Analyst at Pro Football Focus called in to discuss his recent posts on the site. Palazzolo has declared the month of June Quarterback Month. He spent the last few months trying to give an analytical breakdown of each quarterback’s strengths and weaknesses.


“If you’re trying to evaluate quarterback play, grade is the best way doing it. Rating was a good way of saying this is how good the entire offense did but on these particular pass plays. That takes into account having time to throw the ball so the offensive line is involved and also having the receivers that can do something after the catch.”


In Steve’s most recent piece, he focused on how much time a quarterback has to throw and their success during those time frames. From the data collected by Pro Football Focus, Bills quarterback EJ Manuel showed to be effective without a lot of time to throw.


“He was pretty successful from a ratings standpoint on his quicker passes. If he gets the ball out in less than two seconds, his rating was 96.6. His grade wasn’t unbelievable because there was a lot of easy throws and a lot of yards after the catch from his receivers but from a production standpoint for the Bills, that was probably his best way to go, getting that ball out within two seconds.”


At 8:30 we were joined by Dan Horan. He is the co-founder of Eclipse Multi-Sport and a certified Race Director. On Saturday, June 28th along with the Buffalo Bills Dan is organizing the 50 Yard Finish, a half marathon that finishes at the 50-yard line inside Ralph Wilson Stadium. In its third year, this is the biggest output they’ve seen yet with over 1500 signing up to participate.


“To come down that tunnel, there’s a little bit of a decent so you pick up momentum and then you enter the field and there it is, what everyone has seen for years and years. You’re actually part of the field at that point so from the end zone you have a 50 yard sprint. I would 80% of the people really go into a full-out sprint they are so excited.”


The event will also include a 5k and a Play60 Kids Run to complete a family friendly event. You can register at The race will support The Buffalo Bills Youth Foundation and The Buffalo Niagara Sports Development.


You can hear the complete John Murphy Show from Monday by clicking below:


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