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Advantage of the Fast-Paced Offense-JMS 6/18

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The Bills mandatory minicamp continued this afternoon. After Wednesday’s session, both offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz addressed the media. Schwartz touched on being ready for next month’s training camp, what he’s seen from LB Jerry Hughes, and the competition that has taken place during the team’s red zone work.


With Hackett, he continues to work on crafting his fast-paced offense and we asked the listeners if the Bills should stay committed to the hurry-up style? At the bottom of the first hour we sat down with theteam’s offensive coordinator. Hackett discussed how he plans to continue to implement that style of offense, especially with the amount of depth now on the roster. He also talked in depth about the progress he has noticed out of quarterback EJ Manuel from the beginning of the team’s organized team activities to the current 3-day minicamp.

EJ Manuel

“The good thing is you see the initial, OK, he sees it and you can see that he recognized it’s not there and finding a running back. He did that a couple of times today and he did it a couple of days ago. As he feels comfortable and understanding that’s good to give it to a running back. That will now allow you to now know when somebody is open down the field because it will be even clearer and you’re making them cover CJ (Spiller) and Fred (Jackson).”


Hackett also talked about the red zone and how important it is to be successful inside the twenty. He said they will put a big emphasis on getting better and will continue to etch out time in practice to help improve their red zone percentage.


At the top of the second hour we were joined by Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch. His latest article was a unique look into the future of television viewing of the NFL. With bigger TVs, higher resolution, and an overall clearer picture, it seems the surface has only been scratched on providing the best overall viewing experience. When relating it to the NFL it could become a reality of being better than the real thing.


“The NFL needs television and they need television to put on an incredible product, and incredibly great HD product which television is doing. That product has become so great that it does eliminate some reasons to go to the game unless you really are an ultimate diehard…whatever you think HD is now, the screen will get four times better or possibly even eight times better over the next ten years.”


Finally, we were joined by Joel Barkin, VP of Communications for the Oneida Nation. The Oneida Nation leads the charge on promoting support for the name change of the Washington Redskins through the website He talked about those who are involved in backing the push and also weighed-in on the recent news of cancelations by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of trademark registrations owned by the Washington NFL team.


Click below to hear more from Barkin and the rest of Wednesday’s John Murphy Show.


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