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“I want to be respected as a football player”-JMS

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A chock full lineup on tonight’s show. We began with the surprise visit of Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly. Continuing his treatment for cancer, Kelly addressed the team before Thursday’s final minicamp session. We heard player reaction from quarterback Jeff Tuel and an amazed wide receiver Mike Williams. Head Coach Doug Marrone also shared his thoughts on Kelly’s visit and the message to his team.

At 7:30, wide receiver Marquise Goodwin sat down with John Murphy. Goodwin is in a battle with about a dozen wide receivers currently on the Bills roster. He made a couple big plays during the 3-day minicamp which was similar to what he was able to do last year. Goodwin stretched the field with his speed which equaled big gains. He began to notice as the season went on that opposing defenses started respecting that aspect of his game more and more.

Marquise Goodwin,T.J. Graham

“After a few they started to back up and that’s when a few of the underneath catches came about and everybody pretty much started to respect my speed.”


Goodwin joins a long list of receivers on the current roster and wants to continue to fight for noticeable role on this year’s team.


“There’s a lot of us in there and it’s competition everyday so it’s definitely a fight for some PT (playing time).”


Goodwin is also an Olympic track star but he discussed how that plays a big part in his life but says he just wants to be respected as an NFL wide receiver that scores touchdowns.


At the top of the hour, NFL VP of Player Engagement Kimberly Fields called in to discuss the ongoing initiative to better the locker room culture around the NFL. League human resource officials and former players will visit all 32-NFL teams in an effort to make sure hazing incidents, similar to what happened in Miami last year, never happens in an NFL locker room again.


“The things that we have seen that have come out of these sessions thus far is that the players and the coaches are really engaged. There are things that they would like to see improved upon, or changed, or implemented. This is an opportunity to give them a voice on how we go about doing that.”

Jets Bills Football

Fields also went on to say that she feels a more respectful atmosphere is part of a winning culture. Those former players or ambassadors that come to talk to each NFL team have been around winning organizations and can deliver a first-hand perspective.


We rounded out the show with a visit from Bleacher Report’s NFL national lead writer and former Bills defensive back Matt Bowen. Bowen spent seven years in the NFL and his recent post dealt with the time off between minicamp and training camp. He says for the players there’s no summer vacation. It’s a chance to mentally get away from the team facility but the obligation to stay in shape is still of high importance. Players are sent home with a conditioning program to follow.

Sammy Watkins

“It will be detailed with about four lifts a week and every day running. There will probably be two days of speed work, two days of conditioning, and then one day a combination of speed and conditioning which usually are change of direction drills, shuttle runs, and gassers. ”


Bowen also described the packaged plays that NFL offenses are running in the NFL. The Bills utilize this system that is taking over the NFL. Bowen says he likes what the Bills are running especially now with the high level of talent added to the roster.


“A great game to watch for Bills fans is to go back to week one this past year when they played New England at home. They were excellent on offense, they ran a lot of packaged plays. They have the running backs to do it with obviously (CJ) Spiller and (Fred) Jackson. That’s the key. With adding Sammy Watkins to the mix now and I’m so excited to see Sammy Watkins play. I loved his college tape at Clemson. I think he’s an electric athlete. A guy that can take a bubble screen, a guy that can take a slant route and go eighty, ninety yards for a touchdown. He has that ability with the football in his hands. So, this is the ideal package for him to be in, these multiple reads for the quarterback.”


You can hear more of Matt Bowen’s interview along with the rest of Thursday’s John Murphy Show by clicking below.


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