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Time for a developmental league-JMS 6/24

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 24, 2014 – 9:57 pm


Back on base for tonight’s John Murphy Show as we returned to One Bills Drive. We threw out the following question for tonight’s topic. Who tops your list as the best former player or coach turned broadcaster? There was a wide variety of responses ranging from John Madden to Jon Gruden.


Our first guest was 2014 third round draft pick and current Bills Linebacker Preston Brown. Brown is taking part in the Rookie Symposium in Aurora, Ohio. The Symposium will help rookies and their transition to the NFL life. They will concentrate on four principles, NFL History, Total Wellness, Professional Experience, and Workplace Conduct. Brown says he expects to take in a lot of information from those working in the league and from former players as well, especially when it comes to wellness and how to prolong time in the league.

Preston Brown

“That’s really something that I want to get answered. Coming from guys that played 10, 12, 15 years in the league. I want to know how they kept their bodies maintained with the hits and the physicality of such a physical game. That’s one of the biggest things you have to learn from those guys is how they were able to maintain themselves over those years.”


Brown also said the transition from his rookie minicamp to the team’s mandatory minicamp really increased when it came to intensity. He looks forward to that carrying over into training camp. He also said he has motivation to prove that he can play 3-downs and not be limited to being a run-stopping linebacker.


We were also joined by another familiar name taking part in an NFL Player Engagement Program. Former Bills linebacker Jay Foreman recently completed the NFL Broadcast Boot Camp. He was part of a group of 25 current and former players in the league looking to make a conversion from the field to the booth. Foreman has recently done work on a weekly radio show dealing with the Houston Texans and also on television with the Comcast Sports Network in Houston. This recent experience with the NFL gave Foreman a chance to bolster his broadcast resume.

NFL Historical Imagery

“We covered everything you could possibly think of as far as being in the media. Some things I was new to and one of the things that I have never done before was read off a teleprompter. That was a pretty cool adventure and once I did it a couple of times it wasn’t as intimidating at first as I thought it would be.”


Aside from broadcasting, Foreman is currently the Executive Vice President at Hot Doc, Inc. which focuses on measuring body temperature by using an alert patch. The patch allows for real-time monitoring of the body’s temperature changes for those involved with physical activity.


A new league is looking to develop football players that did not get drafted to the NFL. The FXFL (Fall Experimental Football League) is launching this fall with the involvement of six teams. This league is not involved with the NFL, but there are hopes in the future of having a springboard platform for those players needing the on-the-field development. League Commissioner Brian Woods called in to the show to discuss just that.


“This year we had over a 110 junior players that declared (for the NFL Draft.) More importantly, almost forty percent of these players went undrafted. So these are kids that are going to go to camp with not a great chance of making the squad, making that team, making that 52-man roster or even a practice squad spot. They need a place to go. I think now more than ever this is the time to do it. We’ve seen the success of the NBA D-League, not just with players but with coaches and referees. The Minor League Baseball system has been successful for many, many years and I think the time has come for a developmental league, a place to develop young players and I think we have a good structure for it and a good model in place to make it sustainable.”

fxfl logo

Woods said they’re trying to incorporate different technologies to involve and engage the fans, which is evident by the word “experimental” in the league’s name.


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