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“It was just absolutely remarkable” JMS 6/26

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It was a Thursday edition of The John Murphy Show. We asked the listeners, with all the offseason moves and the big jump in this year’s draft to get Sammy Watkins, do you think the Bills are closer to making the playoffs than they have been in a while?


At the bottom of the first hour, we were joined by NFL Network’s Scott Hanson. Hanson is currently the host of NFL RedZone and NFL Total Access. We discussed the network’s “90’s week” which is part of their Decades Month. The Bills are featured a number of times with the greatest comeback in NFL History and their 4-straight Super Bowl runs during the 1990’s.

Jim Kelly

“They are either the tragic figure from a Greek novel or they are a team now with a little bit of distance behind it, from then until now, that you can say achieved something that we may never see again, four straight Super Bowls. It’s almost impossible to get to back-to-back Super Bowls these days let alone four in a row with a nucleus of that team with about three or four or maybe even five different guys on that team that were the best at their position at some point during that four Super Bowl run. It was just absolutely remarkable.”


Hanson also looked back on some of the best quarterbacks during that decade and the teams in the later half that left their mark. This Saturday at 12:30 p.m. ET, The NFL Network will be airing “The Comeback” game, the 1993 AFC Wild Card game where the Bills overcame a 32-point deficit to beat the Houston Oilers.


Mark Kelso, former Bills defensive back and current color analyst for the Buffalo Bills Radio Network called in to kick off the second hour of the show. Kelso gave us his thoughts on if the Bills are primed to make a playoff run or at least get to 10-wins.

NFL Historical Imagery

“If (EJ Manuel) matures to the level that I think he would like to and that the coaching staff would like him to and the young guys they drafted this year play a key role and they get some dynamic play out of the receiver position with Sammy (Watkins) and those young guys mature with Robert Woods and Marquise (Goodwin) and TJ (Graham) and those guys. I really think that is not out of reach, a 10-win season.”


Kelso weighed in on who he thinks was the unsung hero of the Bills during the 1990’s. That was our topic Wednesday night that got a lot of traction. Kelso chose linebacker Darryl Talley, who he said was an important part of their defense but only made one pro bowl. He also mentioned offensive lineman Jim Ritcher, who started for the Bills during their Super Bowl appearances.


Kelso also touched on his new film study guide he just recently released. You can go to to learn more or purchase Kelso’s “methodical study guide to analyzing football game film.”


Click below to hear the complete John Murphy Show from Thursday.


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