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Highlighting the 2013 Bills – JMS 7/16

Posted by johnmurphyshow on July 16, 2014 – 9:49 pm


Stevenson Sylvester

It was a jam packed John Murphy Show on Wednesday. We began with newly signed linebacker Stevenson Sylvester or “Sly” who joined us in-studio. Sylvester spent his first four years in a Steelers uniform and become a free agent this offseason. After working out with a handful of other NFL teams, he hopes to have found a home here in Buffalo within the Bills linebacking corp.


“I cannot wait to talk to our defensive coordinator and linebacker coach and hopefully it’s just to contribute any way to this team to win games.” Sylvester said. “The Buffalo Bills have definitely done some things over the years, especially defensively that you can definitely notice. I just hope to be a part of that and make the Buffalo Bills better.”


Sylvester will join the rest of his teammates at St. John Fisher College when they report on Friday.


At the bottom of the first hour we were joined by NFL Films Producer, Buffalo native and Bills fan Michelle Girardi Zumwalt. She produced the recently aired 2013 Buffalo Bills year-in-review on the NFL Network. The highlights were paired with unique voice-overs and music that we’re so accustomed to with NFL Films. It supplied fans a full recap of the 2013 season and preview of what’s to come in 2014. There was also a special tribute to the former owner Ralph Wilson, Jr.


“I used aspects of his Hall of Fame Induction speech. I used some of the eulogies that were given at the memorial service that was held in early April. I used fan testimonials on how much he meant to them and even player testimonials. I think the fans will really appreciate that and hopefully that really resonates with them.”


As the team departs for camp this Friday, we checked in with Dr. Todd Harrison, the Co-Director of the Buffalo Bills Training Camp at St. John Fisher College. Harrison explains how the college has grown because of the Bills involvement. This is the 15th year the Bills will be on the campus. The continuing relationship has been a positive experience for both sides.


“It really plays a major part in strengthening our foothold in Western New York as a college. We’re only really 63 or 64 years old as a college, which is pretty young as an institution. Over the last 15 years it has given us, at a time when not a lot of colleges are being talked about on news cycles and in the newspapers, it gives us some notoriety. It gets people onto campus. It’s been just terrific for the whole college, our athletic department, just all around. It’s been great.”


Dr. Harrison is also a sports management faculty member and believes his involvement in directing the setup for Bills camp is a great way to teach what you preach.


Finally, we had a visit from longtime NFL Broadcaster Clark Judge. Judge is part of a new sports radio program, “Talk of Fame” Sports Network which will debut at the beginning of August. The show, hosted by Judge and two other co-hosts, will give listeners and fans an inside look on the selection process of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and they will dissect who or who shouldn’t be a Hall of Famer. All three hosts bring over 30-years of covering the NFL and are all Hall of Fame committee members which give them the qualifications to help listeners better decide if their favorite player is Hall of Fame worthy, both past and present.


Click below to hear the entire Clark Judge interview, including his thoughts on why Andre Reed finally got his Call to the Hall and his thoughts on what Bill might hear his name next.


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