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“Holding Players to a Higher Standard”-JMS 7/17

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Packing up and moving the show to Pittsford and St. John Fisher College starting tomorrow but one final show before we depart. We asked the listeners what their favorite Bills Training Camp memory was. Plenty of player interaction highlighted the discussion along with some humorous stories as well.


Our first guest was Pro Football Focus NFL Writer Gordon McGuinness. McGuinness called in all the way from his home in Scotland to discuss his recent article on the site, Position Progression: Quarterbacks. The article is a unique breakdown, using analytics, of grading a quarterback’s progression, specifically from his rookie year to his second year. Lions Quarterback Matt Stafford was used as a prime example of a rating increase during his sophomore year. Of course, we brought up EJ Manuel and McGuinness feels he will follow suite and increase his QB rating in 2014.
“I think you can definitely expect some improvement.” McGuinness said. “I think if anyone wants to look at the positives from a jump from year one to year two, we saw Matthew Stafford back in his rookie season. He graded a minus 30.8 and then took a big jump to a slight positive the next.” He also added, “While there was concern about how Manuel played at points during his rookie year, there’s definitely encouraging signs.”


McGuinness also noted that Stafford’s quarterback coach during that time was Todd Downing, who came over to the Bills staff this offseason to help groom EJ Manuel.


At the top of the first hour we were joined by former Bills Linebacker Chris Draft. Draft spent his last year in the league with the Bills during the 2009 campaign. He is now part of the NFL’s Player Engagement program, which helps players prep for life during and after their time in the NFL. Draft, now an NFL ambassador for the program, will talk to Bills players at St. John Fisher College this weekend and discuss specifically player conduct in an NFL locker room.

Chris Draft

“I think as we talk about not just the locker room culture and changing that but really just expanding what the workplace looks like and where you’re expected to be men. That’s from the locker room and throughout the organization and out in the community. We’re holding players to a higher standard.”


Draft recalled his playing time during his one season here. He reflected on the energy of the fans and Ralph Wilson Stadium. He also promoted The Chris Draft Family Foundation that he runs, which helps educate communities to make healthier choices.


Finally, we were joined by Lauren Johnson of Johnson recently posted an article on the site about the future of “wearables” in the NFL. The NFL is involved with different initiatives for marketers to advance second-screen advertising. Johnson interviewed NFL Chief Information Officer Michelle McKenna-Doyle, who said the process is in place for players to wear clothing or helmets with technology embedded to help promote a product.


Johnson went on to say the near future could include players being outfitted with Google Glass or an alternative to interact with coaches in terms of calling in plays or even give viewers an up-close look at what a player is seeing.


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