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A National Perspective on the Bills – JMS 7/21

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We return to the campus of St. John Fisher College. Day two of Bills Training Camp and there was plenty of highlights between EJ Manuel and rookie WR Sammy Watkins once again. We went through a complete recap of today’s practice. On the defensive side, we poised the question, with the losses to the defense from last year’s team, should we worry about that side of the ball? The listeners weighed-in and their opinions varied from optimism with the players in place to concern regarding the absence of Kiko Alonso.


Defensive tackle Kyle Williams shares the optimism about the defense, especially when it comes to stopping the run. The veteran leader joined us in the first hour to explain that the team wasn’t as bad in that area as some would think but believes they will be better in 2014.

kyle williams

“It wasn’t a slow death type of deal with our run defense. It was a mental mistake here or there and then we let out a big run which hurt us. Most of those big plays are from mental errors and very, very few of them were physical where you weren’t able to physically make the play. They were mostly mental errors. If we can clean all that up and know where we’re going and be able to get there fast and play fast, I think we’ll be fine.”


Williams believes the addition of linebacker Brandon Spikes will be effective in stopping the run. The type of linebacker “I haven’t had since I’ve been here.”


Kyle also discussed the loss of Kiko Alonso and how missing his sophomore year will affect him. He also believes there shouldn’t be any issue with the defense generating the same amount of pressure in getting to the quarterback as they did in 2013. He also gave a very interesting take on Marcell Dareus and why he believes his teammate on the defensive line will be ready to go.


We also got a national perspective from ESPN Analyst Ron Jaworski who joined us at the top of the hour. Jaworski raved about Sammy Watkins and how he can only help quarterback EJ Manuel. He also believes the Bills QB should improve on his accuracy in 2014. Also, that the offense should thrive with the rest of the receiving options and the offensive line up front providing Manuel with support.


Jaworksi added that he believes the Bills are primed for the playoffs. He is impressed with the short turnaround the team has put together and says the pieces in place to get the Bills to the post season.


“This is an ascending football team. Obviously, good fortune is part of it. You have to stay healthy. You have to have your superstars on the field and they have to play up to that ability. Last year, clearly, a new coaching staff came in, a new attitude came in, a new Buffalo Bills look. I thought the team improved as the season went on. Now, with the addition of Sammy Watkins, I think they’ll be a lot more scoring. The scoring means the defense will be in that known pass rush situation. The strength of this defense is going to be the defensive line getting pressure on the quarterback. I’m a big fan of Jim Schwartz as a defensive coordinator. I think he can turn it loose from a defensive perspective. The defense will be much better and much more aggressive.


To hear more on what Jaworski has to say about the Bills and the rest of The John Murphy Show, click below.



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