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“I can progress and get better” – JMS 7/24

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We’re back on home base for tonight’s John Murphy Show as we returned to One Bills Drive. Thursday’s news of the day was highlighted by Marcell Dareus passing his physical. Getting set for his fourth year in the league, we asked the listeners what their expectations are for the defensive lineman, especially coming off of his breakout year last season. Lowered or heightened?


Our first guest was Bills receiver Robert Woods. Woods discussed the transition from year one to year two and how he’s more comfortable in the offense, which will translate to a more productive 2014. He also weighed in on his quarterback EJ Manuel, who he feels will also progress in year two and the signs are being shown so far in training camp.


“He’s definitely understands the offense a lot more. He’s more settled in the pocket. His throws are more accurate, with TD, coach (Todd) Downing helping back there at the quarterback position.” Woods said. “In this system now, you can see EJ’s head going through each progression and taking his time in the pocket and not just rushing things. Now he’s just taking his time, going through his reads and making plays.”


Woods also reflected on his rookie season and what he’s seen from his receiving teammates including Sammy Watkins, calling the rookie WR “explosive.”


At the top of the hour we were joined by Bills Insider Chris Brown. Brown has been in attendance for each training camp practice so far. He gave his thoughts on Marcell Dareus, what he’s seen from EJ Manuel, and what he likes from Sammy Watkins during this first week of camp.


“He’s the most dynamic weapon in the offense right now and that includes a person like C.J. Spiller. In terms of turning plays in, practice in and practice out, he’s been the guy. That’s hard to do at a wide receiver than at running back where the ball is handed to you and you have to make something happen. He’s got to run a route, the quarterback’s got to find him, you have to beat the defender, and make a play. He’s made plays and not just one or two, he made about five or six plays each and every practice. I think he’s been head and shoulders above everyone else on the offensive side of the ball.”


Brown went down the rest of the offense, mentioning the running backs and Anthony Dixon and how impressive he’s been. He talked about Chris Hairston’s change from offensive tackle to guard. He also discussed the defense and what he’s seen from rookie LB Preston Brown.


Finally, we were joined by USA Football Master Trainer Ken Stoldt. Stoldt will be part of this weekend’s Buffalo Bills’ Moms Football Safety Clinic at St. John Fisher College. Stoldt will help the parents of those kids playing youth football to understand the safety push in the game, including concussion awareness. This is part of the Heads Up football initiative. Moms will be learning about proper tackling techniques and taking part in hands-on football drills, all to understand why their kids are being taught a certain way. For more information you can go to


To listen to more of Thursday’s John Murphy Show, click below.



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