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Bradham addresses league decision

Posted by Chris Brown on July 30, 2014 – 6:36 pm

Bills LB Nigel Bradham, who was suspended by the NFL for one regular season game Wednesday for an incident stemming back to last summer, was caught off guard by the league’s discipline. One of the main reasons why was because all charges were dismissed.

“It’s related to what happened last year,” said Bradham following Wednesday’s practice. “The commissioner said I wasn’t disciplined from the NFL last year so I guess it rolls over into this year. Everything was dismissed and I’m not in a substance abuse program or anything. Since everything was dismissed it’s kind of shocking and kind of disappointing that it came back again. I tried to appeal it but the appeal was declined.”

Bradham said the denial on his appeal came back just last week. He was initially informed that he was facing a one game suspension back in March.

“Obviously, it’s unfortunate, especially since Nigel has been playing very well,” said head coach Doug Marrone. “Like I said before, I’ve probably seen the biggest improvement in him. And when I say that I’m not just talking about him as just a football player, but just maturity. I think, now when you look back and you think about what happened, maybe it took something like that for him to grow. Obviously, you learn from your mistakes. I think he’s learned to make better decisions and I hope it’s from that and I hope it’s something we don’t have to go back on. Especially with the way he’s been performing on and off the field.”

Bradham while disappointed is not going to let the league’s decision drag down his plans for a big season. He insists he’s learned his lesson and promises to be ready to come Week 2 when the Bills host Miami in the home opener.

“My whole thing is to stay positive,” he said. “It’s something that followed me from a decision I made last year. I regret it and I made a mistake. I apologized to my teammates. I’m sorry that we have to go through this again. And hopefully I just get past it and come out for game two ready. I’m just going to keep working everyday out here at training camp and get better.”


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