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History of 90’s Bills not just about HOF’ers

Posted by Chris Brown on August 2, 2014 – 12:29 pm

You don’t need to ask a biased Bills fan. Anyone who remembers watching the early 1990’s Bills who won four straight AFC titles understands that documenting the history of that team must include Andre Reed. But as big a part as the now six Hall of Famers from that team counting James Lofton and head coach Marv Levy with Kelly, Smith, Thomas and Reed, played in those magical AFC title runs, Reed astutely points out that without their other teammates their success wouldn’t have lasted so long.

“I just went out and played football. That’s what I did. I didn’t think I was better than anybody else, I just did my job the best I could to help the team win. It just so happened that I played with four or five other Hall of Famers that thought the same way I did,” Reed said. “Our success on the field was probably all predicated that you’ve got your four or five guys who were perennial Pro Bowlers, but you have the guys that are backups who are just as good if not sometime during the year just like you. We had those kinds of guys on the team.

“That’s why we went to those four Super Bowls in a row and won all those games. That’s just a testament to how the guys worked and what it meant to them because after one or two years you could’ve been like, ‘Well…’ that’s really what it was about. That’s what we went to training camp for. And they always say we didn’t win, but if you put anybody in our shoes they would’ve loved to be in that situation. It just so happens I was in that position. I was on a great team with great players so we went on that way.”

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