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Yoga, Jujitsu, and the NFL – JMS 8/11

Posted by johnmurphyshow on August 11, 2014 – 10:50 pm


Back at One Bills Drive for tonight’s show. We started the program asking for the listeners thoughts on Friday night’s preseason game against the Panthers. We also asked about the running back situation and what you would do with a roster full of RB talent? We recapped the game with all the highlights courtesy of the Buffalo Bills Radio Network with the play-by-play calls by John Murphy himself.

Landon Cohen

Our first guest continues to make plays on defense during the preseason. Bills defensive lineman Landon Cohen joined us at the bottom of the first hour. Cohen talked about recently joining the game and how he’s been able to make an immediate impact.


“I’m one of those guys, I never get too high or I never get too low. The only thing I’m doing is what I’m supposed to do. A defensive tackle in the NFL is supposed to make tackles. You’re supposed to be accountable to your teammates. It’s not anything extraordinary.”


Cohen discussed how he does Bikram Yoga to help keep his focus, which in turn helps on game days. He also partakes in Brazilian Jujitsu to help with leverage and the mind game that goes into football and playing against your opponent.


To some preseason football isn’t their style. They can’t wait until September hits and the regular season gets underway. Kenneth Arthur from Rolling Stone Magazine called in at the top of the hour to discuss why one should embrace preseason action because it involves all the drama that is currently being played out on today’s television shows. Arthur compares the NFL players fighting for a spot on the roster to the way a dramatic screenplay unfolds.


“There’s going to be some plays that make your jaw drop. I would definitely say that at least if it’s your favorite team, you’ve got to be tuning in every week. Get to know who these guys are so that when the regular season comes on, you’re informed, you can talk about them, and feel like the smartest guy in the room.”

preseason pic

Finally, we heard from Chris Perkins, NFL Dolphins beat reporter for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. He discussed the Dolphins recent signing of quarterback Brady Quinn leading to speculation of worry for backup QB Matt Moore. Ryan Tannehill continues to look impressive early in the preseason, especially in the offensive system under new coordinator Bill Lazor. Perkins also discussed the new-look offensive line Miami has put together and the suspensions of two defensive players, leaving the team shorthanded when the regular season begins.


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