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Joint Practices will be “Pretty Intense” – JMS

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As the Bills depart for their practice sessions and game with the Steelers, we caught up with a couple of offensive players who gave their opinions on the joint practices in Pittsburgh. We heard from wide receivers Robert Woods and Chris Hogan.


We also got some insight from center Eric Wood. Wood joined us at the bottom of the first hour to discuss his first time practicing against another team. He talked about what he anticipates from these upcoming sessions with the Steelers.

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“I’d imagine they’d be pretty intense. We have a lot that we’re fighting for as an offense and as a team but there’s also a lot of guys fighting to make this team and I’m sure those guys are really looking forward to the opportunity to go out and prove themselves tomorrow and Thursday out on the practice field as well as Saturday in the game. I’d imagine it’d be pretty intense.”


Wood weighed in on the progress of the offense saying “if we want to become a top offense in the league, we have a lot of work to do and it’s not going to happen overnight.” He said the work during training camp and preseason will hopefully bring out more ups than downs and the progress is already showing. Wood also mentioned the rest of his offensive linemen teammates and how they collectively welcome the challenge to increase production, specifically in the run game. You will hear how he embraces being a captain on the team as well.


At 8pm, Columnist for National Football Post Jack Bechta joined us. Bechta gave his reasons for why we should be watching preseason football and what the league could do to better the product. He mentioned including more joint controlled practices which could be televised with a “Hard Knocks” type production. He suggested increasing the regular season by stretching the schedule out by including 2 or 3 bye weeks.


Bechta, also an NFL agent, had an interesting take on how far a player should go during the preseason when it comes to their playing time on special teams. For some he tells them to try to avoid the extra wear and tear but for others, special teams could be their only way of making an NFL roster.

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Veteran Rochester sportscaster Scott Pitoniak came on during the last half hour to promote his new radio show on ESPN Rochester 95.7FM “The Radio Press Box,” which he will co-host with Dan Borrello will debut Wednesday night from 3-7pm. Pitoniak is excited to talk about what he called “Rochester’s hometown team” in the Bills, even though they are 75 miles away.


“It’s almost like we’re a suburb of Buffalo in terms of Bills interest and how people feel about the team here. It’s clearly their team as well and it’s laid out in the ticket sales where you have 10, 15, 20-thousand people coming from this area for a Bills home game. I’m not surprised by the depth of knowledge because we have to keep feeding into that. The fans have become a lot more sophisticated and their passion is running deeper than ever.”


Pitoniak discussed the Bills preseason and why he’s encouraged with the Bills offense. He mentioned specifically the Bills running game which he thinks will help offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and quarterback EJ Manuel.


Throughout the night we asked listeners to give their thoughts on the structure of the preseason schedule. How many games should make up the preseason? Is the current four, in the Bills case five too many, especially considering the joint practices with the Steelers?


To hear those responses and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show, click below.


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