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The kickoff to the 2014 NFL regular season may be over a month away but fantasy football fanatics are already deep in draft preparation. is here to provide fantasy football users with the best experience in 2014, with ample options for users to start their fantasy season and all the news, information, and resources to win a championship.

From NFL-Managed Leagues where users can compete for a trip to Super Bowl XLIX to fully customizable user-managed leagues, Fantasy Football is the only platform to provide in-game video highlights, bringing the fans closer to the game they love.

Highlights of’s fantasy football offerings for the 2014 season are the redesigned NFL Fantasy mobile application and the second year of’s Fantasy Genius.

NFL Fantasy Mobile Application

The NFL Fantasy mobile application has been completely rebuilt and redesigned for the upcoming 2014 NFL season. This application functioning allows full-season play, including joining or creating a league, drafting on the go, setting a lineup or adding a player from free agency, all leading to a fantasy football championship.

The app allows users to draft their fantasy football teams on-the-go with an intuitive interface, ensuring every user can draft from wherever they are. A new, innovative league feed displays everything happening in a user’s league, making it easy to post comments and keep the trash talk going all year long.

Features of the NFL Fantasy app include:

  • Live and Mock Drafts
  • In-Game Video Highlights
  • Live Scoring
  • Join and Create Leagues
  • Set Weekly Lineup
  • Add/Drop/Trade Players
  • News and Research
  • Up-to-the-Minute Player News
  • Receive Fantasy Expert Advice and Analysis

The official fantasy football app of the NFL is compatible with: iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets, iPod Touch, Windows Surface, Windows 8, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire HD & HDX.

The NFL Fantasy app is available for free download at: Fantasy Football Fantasy Football puts the user in the front office and on the sidelines as General Manager and Coach of their team. Users select from a list of the best players in the NFL and these players compete on a weekly basis for the user’s team. Players’ on-field performance drives the fantasy point total and overall success of their team. Fantasy Football provides numerous, customizable options for users to start their fantasy season. This is the only platform with video game highlights bringing the fans game closer to the game they love.

Features of Fantasy Football include:

  • Free Live Scoring with In-Game Video Highlights
  • Custom matchup previews and recaps
  • Access to teams on Xbox One, Xbox 360, DirecTV & Madden
  • Up-to-date player news and analysis
  • 200+ Custom League and Scoring Settings

In addition to the Fantasy Football game, other games are returning for users to compete with each other.

  • NFL Perfect Challenge
    • Users select 8 Fantasy Players each week with the chance to win $1 Million if they choose the top scorers at each position.
  • NFL Weekly Pick’Em
    • Users predict the outcome of each NFL game.
  • Thursday Night Football Challenge
    • Users select 4 Fantasy Players for each Thursday Night Football
  • NFL Playoff Challenge
    • Users select 8 Fantasy Players for each round of the NFL Playoffs.

Two new games will be available this year.

  • NFL Fantasy Survivor
    • Users try to pick a winning NFL team each week. Win and live to pick the next week. Lose and you’re out. Try and survive the whole season.
  • NFL Record Breaker
    • Users select an all-time NFL record to break and then pick new players each week to earn statistics and streak towards a new record. Fantasy Genius

Launched prior to the start of the 2013 regular season and located at, Fantasy Genius has quickly established itself as one of the most trusted resources of advice in the fantasy football marketplace. Users can seek advice for their most crucial fantasy decisions or answer their peers’ questions, ultimately earning a “Genius Rating” and the possibility to earn the title of a Fantasy Football Expert.

Since launching in July of 2013 on, Fantasy Genius has produced the following metrics:

  • 2.0 Million fantasy football questions submitted
  • 19.1 Million answers provided by the community

Features of Fantasy Genius include:

  • Receive real-time advice
    • Ask key fantasy questions to help with your sit or start decisions, add or drop considerations, and trade analysis.
  • Prove your fantasy football knowledge
    • Users can provide instant analysis to questions posed by the Fantasy Genius
  • Fantasy Genius Rating
    • Participation earns points towards a “Genius Rating.” The higher your score, the more reliable your advice will be to other community members.
  • Leaderboards
    • See how your genius rating stacks up in the fantasy community with leaderboards and data trends.

Tools for Fantasy Football

Complimenting’s fantasy football products and challenges are a number of tools to help players bring home a championship in 2014. Both the NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet and SAP Player Comparison Tool provide users opportunities to enhance their overall fantasy football experience and gain an edge on their opponents in 2014.

NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet allows players to easily track players who are drafted to see who’s available, customize the league scoring system, enhance their fantasy experience by reviewing projected points, and access to over 2,000 players (including individual defensive players).

SAP Player Comparison Tool is back for a second consecutive year. This is an innovative and free feature to help users with match-up guidance and help them analyze and review pending trades and free agent acquisitions. This tool is based on five important categories – Performance, Matchup, Consistency, Upside and Intangibles – which can be weighted differently based on each user’s preference.

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