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Business side of the 53-Man Roster – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on August 29, 2014 – 9:36 pm



The Bills released 10-players this afternoon inching towards the final 53-man roster as the deadline comes on Saturday. With the season opener just over a week away, we asked the listeners to weigh in on the team’s possible final roster and their thoughts on today’s cuts.


As moves around the league trickle in, we decided to reach out to Sports Illustrated’s contributing writer to the MMQB Andrew Brandt. He recently wrote an article on the business side of putting together an NFL roster describing it as, The Most Wonderful Time of All. Brandt broke down the difference between the overall roster and the 46 that make it to the field on game day. He also discussed how finalizing your roster plays a big role on your salary cap and there’s more that goes into it than one would think.

Doug Whaley

“People think it’s just 53 players on your cap but it’s a lot more than that. It’s all the charges from players you cut, that you have given bonuses to that are pro-rated and stay on your cap. It’s all your injury settlements. It’s all your guys on I-R who could be big, big chunks of money like a Sam Bradford, 13 million dollars and it’s all your practice squad guys. You’re really accounting for close to 70 players by the time it’s over not 53 and as a cap manager, you have to think that way.”


Brandt talked about assembling the practice squad as well and how teams and scouts will be constantly evaluating their own team and others around the league.


Those that have been watching the preseason have been seeing a lot more yellow on the playing field with a major increase of penalty calls. Ben Austro, the editor and founder of Football Zebras called in to discuss just that. He admits that there’s a big point of emphasis with illegal contact and defensive holding. He mentioned that the VP of officiating Dean Blandino made a point of emphasis that the way they call the game in the preseason won’t change when the regular season comes around.

Titans Falcons Football

“These points of emphasis are essentially a seed planted in their head, so if they see this they’re going to call it because they (the officials) just went over it in the clinic. As the preseason progresses, you’re going to see those calls come out in real situations and they’re going to be evaluated on it. The grades don’t count for preseason but what they do is establish here’s what the head office is determining is a foul, is not a foul and so that four week preseason really helps the officials fine tune what came out of the clinic and in a practical life situation how they’re going to call it and how they’re going to rule it and then how are they going to grade it.”


We looked back on Thursday night’s preseason finale with highlights from Murph’s radio calls courtesy of the Buffalo Bills Radio Network. We also listened back to author Brad Schultz and his book “The NFL, Year One” which looks back on the 1970 season and the dawn of modern football. To hear that and the rest of Friday’s John Murphy Show, click below.




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