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Woods: We’ve got to keep foot on the gas

Posted by Chris Brown on September 9, 2014 – 9:25 am

Despite the fact that the Bills offense did enough to win in overtime at Chicago last Sunday, they also experienced a lull in the game over a four possession stretch from the end of the first half to the early stages of the fourth quarter. Buffalo’s players on offense believe their consistency can be improved over the course of a 60-minute game moving forward.

Robert Woods knows that 70 percent of NFL games were within one score in the fourth quarter in 2013, much like their game was on Sunday, but he feels their offense can do a lot better and not have such close games late.

“In a way, I don’t understand that part about the NFL,” Woods said. “I do understand that every NFL team is good and capable of winning. But when we had a lead yesterday 17-7, it didn’t have to be a close game. I feel like we could have kept going and separate.  There are some games where we could play very well on offense and blow teams out with this offense that we have. I think we have to stay on the gas and stay aggressive.”

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