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Bills rank in top 5 in run efficiency

Posted by Chris Brown on September 23, 2014 – 9:38 am

Every Bills fan knows how prolific Buffalo’s run game has been with the combo of Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller over the last few seasons. The problem in past years was Buffalo’s run defense almost made it a wash each week. This year however, when it comes to Run Efficiency Ratio the Bills rank in the top five in the league.

Run Efficiency Ratio compares the number of rushing yards a team generates for each rushing yard against to give an indication to how well a team’s offense does at generating rushing yards compared to how that team’s defense prevents rushing yards by their opponent. After three weeks of the NFL season has the updated rankings for Run Efficiency Ratio and the Bills rank fourth.

The Bills generate 1.57 yards on offense rushing for every rushing yard their defense gives up. It’s a strong indication as to how much Buffalo’s run defense has improved this season under defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

The only teams with better Run Efficiency Ratios so far this season are the Jets (2.86), the Redskins (2.09) and the Seahawks (2.05).

Over the last few seasons the Bills have improved in this category from 23rd (2011) to 16th (2012) to 14th (2013).

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