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Taking Advantage of an Opportunity-JMS 9/25

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Our last live show before we hit the weekend and put Sunday’s game at Houston in eyesight. It was a one-hour show because of Thursday Night Football. We went Around the Locker Room as the team preps for the Texans. We also asked listeners, what’s the most important thing the Bills have to fix from last Sunday to beat Houston this week? We received various responses in our first segment.

Colton Schmidt

Bills punter Colton Schmidt joined us in studio to talk about his recent success here in Buffalo. Schmidt talked about his path to the NFL, which included a few short stops along the way in Cleveland and two stops in San Francisco. He eventually made the 49ers training camp roster where he worked with veteran punter Andy Lee. Schmidt said he knew he was going to get cut but took full advantage of his opportunities and was able to put enough solid game play on tape which eventually led him to signing with the Bills.


“I thought it was a great opportunity for myself to show I could be one of the guys to play in this league and perform well enough to hold a spot for a long time. I packed a suitcase and flew out here and it was a, I may stay for stay here for six months or I may be here for 24-hours kind of thing. The funny part is, I got the call at 7:30 in the morning and my brother and my dad were at school and at work and I caught my mom as she was leaving and said hey I need a ride to the airport. I still haven’t been able to say goodbye to my dad or my brother. I had to just pick up and leave.”


Schmidt also said he doesn’t look much at the stats but measures his play kick-by-kick and tries to find ways to better about each kick.


To hear the rest of Thursday’s John Murphy Show, click below.


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