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2nd down proved tough for offense

Posted by Chris Brown on September 28, 2014 – 10:01 pm

While a lot is often made of an offense’s third down performance in a game, second down was one to keep an eye on in Sunday’s game against the Texans. The reason why was despite the fact that Houston was the number one third down defense going into the game, they were also the league’s worst second down defense.

Giving up an average of 6.84 yards a play on second down, the Texans were sitting at the bottom of the league when it came to defending on second down. The Bills needed to take advantage on this down in their series to avoid any bad down and distance situations on third down when Houston was more effective.

Buffalo unfortunately did not have a lot of success on second down. Not counting the EJ Manuel spike to stop the clock on second down just before the half, the Bills had 23 plays on second down in the game and gained 73 yards for an average of 3.17 yards per play. That unfortunately is less than half of what they had given up on second down in the first three weeks.

The Bills had six conversions on second down out of those 23 plays, but they also had seven incompletions and five other plays that resulted in no gain or negative yardage. It’s part of the reason why third down proved so difficult, particularly in the second half.

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