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NFL investigating laser pointer interference

Posted by Chris Brown on October 5, 2014 – 11:26 pm

It happened on a few occasions in the game. There was a green laser pointer being used by someone in the stadium at Ford Field Sunday and they were trying to distract QB Kyle Orton and holder Colton Schmidt on pass plays and attempted field goals. Kicker Dan Carpenter was the first to notice it.

“When I noticed it they were shining it on Colton on the 50-yard attempt,” said Carpenter. “It was shining on Colton (Schmidt) on the hold. As far as that goes I guess I understand that the NFL Security is looking into it to see if they can figure anything out.”

Carpenter’s 50-yard attempt was no good off the upright. The kicker would not say whether the laser pointer affected the quality of Schmidt’s hold on the kick.

Kyle Orton also was the subject of the attempted distraction during the game.

“Early on I felt it a couple of times right after I got the ball, so I communicated with the refs and with coach Marrone and let him handle that,” said Orton.

Marrone said after the game that NFL Security is handling the investigation to see if they can ascertain through film review of the game the origin of the laser pointer.

“We told the NFL security on the miss, that there were some lasers we could see down on the carpet,” said Marrone.

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