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“It was the best possible outcome” – JMS 10/8

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A big day for the Buffalo Bills and the future of the team. We began the show with a visit from Bills Insider Chris Brown who called in from the NFL Owners Meeting in New York City, as the league unanimously approved the sale of the Bills to Kim and Terry Pegula. Brown laid out Wednesday’s process and how the vote went down. He also spoke with many of the owners to get their reaction to the sale and their impressions of the future owners of the Bills.

Terry Pegula

“I was struck by how every owner spoke of the Pegulas as first class people. These are people that have had limited interaction with the Pegulas. Obviously, they’ve learned of their background a little bit more, certainly their financial status, but it seems as though, on the surface, the ownership on the whole has taken them in with open arms here and welcomed them into the NFL partnership or NFL family. I think Terry and Kim Pegula have done a fantastic job of making a great first impression.”


Brown also discussed the next steps of approval before the Pegulas officially becoming full owners of the team.


At the top of the hour we took a break from the news of the day to bring in former Bills General Manager and now NFL Analyst Bill Polian. The former GM came on the show to discuss his new book, “The Game Plan: The Art of Building a Winning Football Team.” Polian mentions the book is not about him but his interactions with players, coaches, and other front office officials that helped him construct winning football programs, from the Buffalo Bills to the Indianapolis Colts and the challenges that went along with it.

 polian book

“My children and Vic Carlucci convinced me that it would make sense if we used all of the lessons that I learned over the years from all of the great people that I worked with like Marv (Levy), Jim Kelly, Tony Dungy, Ralph Wilson, etc. It’s really not about me. No executive does anything. It’s the players and coaches that do it. We put the book together based on all of those anecdotes that I’ve learned throughout the years and it worked out pretty well.”


Polian did etch out some time to weigh in with his thoughts on the ownership changeover, adding that “it was the best outcome anyone could have ever hoped for.”



Finally, we welcomed back Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas, who keeps a close eye on the Buffalo Sports scene. He discussed his thoughts on the sale of the team and what it might mean not only for fans of the team but for the city as well. He also came on to preview Sunday’s game against the Patriots at Ralph Wilson Stadium. He broke down the issues with the run game and why he wants to see C.J. Spiller “get the ball in open space.” Thomas then went on to talk about the atmosphere he expects come Sunday.



“It is re-opening day. I was kind of glad to see the Patriots beat the Bengals like they did. Obviously, it gives them a little bit more confidence coming into this football game. I tell you what, it’s for first place. The first time the Pegulas will own the team and it’s their team and their first game and it should be just as exciting as it was for the Miami game. I know the fans are looking forward to it and a lot of the former players are looking forward to it.”



We didn’t forget to get the players thoughts on Sunday’s game. We dished up another edition of Around the Locker Room as the team turns its attention to the Patriots. To hear that and the rest of Wednesday’s John Murphy Show, click below.


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