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One-on-One with Terry Pegula – JMS 10/10

Posted by johnmurphyshow on October 10, 2014 – 10:11 pm


What a day to end the week. Terry and Kim Pegula were officially introduced as the new owners of the Buffalo Bills. We heard from an emotional Terry Pegula as he addressed the local media and afterwards, John Murphy sat down and went one-on-one with the new owner. Listeners also called in with their reaction and thoughts on today’s news.

Of course, there is a game on Sunday, a divisional matchup with the Patriots. As we do every Friday, we check in with Bills Insider Chris Brown as he discussed the game with Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone. Following suit with the Friday tradition, Bills color analyst on the radio network Mark Kelso sat down in-studio with his broadcast partner to go over the game. Kelso broke down the game with much detail as he always does when it comes to the matchup on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. He also addressed Kyle Orton and if he can continue to grow in the Bills offense.

Kyle Orton

“If he can maintain that consistency for the rest of the year, I’d be pretty happy about it. A couple of times balls were arrant, the accuracy but I think that will come with time as he works with these receivers because he hasn’t had a lot of time with these guys. Obviously, last week he had the entire week but that was probably the extent of it. He was probably running a lot of scout team prior to that so maybe he had not thrown the ball to Sammy Watkins and doesn’t understand how he comes out of his break and needs to lead him a little bit more but if he can play at that level. He threw the beautiful deep ball to Marquise and I think the tight ends across the middle of the field could be a big opportunity this week as well. They (Patriots) don’t handle pre-snap movement and the cluster stuff very well because if they’re trying to play a lot of man, guys will get lost in there and I think if Kyle has the accuracy that he had last week, most of the time, Bills will be able to take advantage of the passing game.”


Kelso also weighed in with his reaction to today’s introduction of the Pegula Family.


Finally, we checked in at the Billieve event in Niagara Falls as they tied a ribbon across the Rainbow Bridge and capped it off by lighting the Falls pink. Bills place kicker Dan Carpenter’s wife Kaela called in to talk about the event, her second year taking part. To hear that and the rest of Friday’s John Murphy Show, click below.


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