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Crossman: “A lot of guys have stepped up”-JMS

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Podcast edition of tonight’s show. The players were in and out on Tuesday as they depart for their bye week time off. Before that, we caught up with defensive back Corey Graham and his thoughts on the second half of the season. We also heard from offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett who touched on the run game and what Kyle Orton has brought to the offense.


Our guest was special teams coach Danny Crossman who sat down to discuss his unit’s play and their success through the first half of the season. He touched on the offseason emphasis on core special teams players, specifically Boobie Dixon and Corey Graham and the others who have filled in along the way. He also weighed in on the play of his kicker Dan Carpenter, who is on his way to having another solid year in the kicking game.


“Dan was outstanding in Miami and we were very fortunate that Dan was available and he has done nothing in his time here to discourage that at all. He had a great year a year ago and we were able to extend him and has picked right where he was a year ago and he’s been a true professional at what he does.”


Crossman moved on to touch on his new punter, Colton Schmidt and his analytical approach to each and every punt.

Colton Schmidt

“If you talk to golfers, or even basketball players, or an individual guy, it’s all about the stroke and even if they’re missing the shot, a basketball play will tell you ‘hey, my stroke feels good and I know it’s going to come around.’ A golfer, ‘my swing feels good, I know I’m going to get results.’ He’s (Schmidt) very similar in that way with both his line and his drop. Even if he hits a bad ball or two, he knows fairly early on what’s going on and we’re able to communicate it and get it fixed because he has such good working knowledge of his own mechanics.”


Crossman also talked about kick-off specialist Jordan Gay and his approach to unique situations on special teams like the one his unit encountered against the Jets where TJ Graham laid down in the end zone in hopes of causing a possible distraction.


To hear all of that and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show, click below.


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