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Marrone: Bye week is time to reload not rest

Posted by Chris Brown on October 29, 2014 – 9:35 am

For the players the bye week is an opportunity to heal up physically and step away from the game for a few days. But the way head coach Doug Marrone sees it he doesn’t want guys turning into couch potatoes. So he had a Navy SEAL come in and address the team Tuesday to impress upon them that while there might not be a game this week it’s not the time to completely detach yourself from what lies ahead.

“It’s not really resting or relaxing. It’s more reloading is what we had a speaker come in and talk to the players about,” said Marrone. “That’s more the mindset; being able to reload and get ready and be prepared. If I go back and I take too much time and I just sit around and relax and not do anything, I won’t be where I need to be as a leader coming back here.”

Marrone, like most coaches, knows when the players come back they can’t waste any time trying to ramp up their focus and intensity the first day they return from their weekend off. That focus has to be back at the level it was before the bye as soon as they walk in the building.

“We’re professionals. We need to make sure that we’re reloading, getting ready to come back and being prepared,” he said. “We want to come back here, and we’ve got a tough task in front of us. We have to be energized. We have to be ready to go. It’s like Thanksgiving for a lot of people. You sit around Thanksgiving and the next day, when you wake up, you don’t feel as motivated. That’s if you choose to sit around all day, but we can’t afford to do that.”

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