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Where the Bills are better 2013 to 2014

Posted by Chris Brown on October 31, 2014 – 3:23 pm

With half the season gone decided to look at the Bills offensive, defensive and special teams figures from the midway point in year one under Doug Marrone and see where some of the biggest jumps in production have taken place compared to last year. Below is a pretty long list of improvements.

Category                                              2013 rank/value               2014 rank/value

Completion of 20+ yards                  24th/20                                  5th/30
Overall passing                                   23rd/76.2 rating                 16th/92.2 rating
Total points scored                            13th/176                                14th/178
Turnover differential                         12th/+2                                  4th/+7

Special teams
Field position                                     24th/26 yd line                    2nd/31.1 yd line

Third down conversions                    21st/38.8%                           6th/36.2%
Opponent comp. 20+ yards              24th/27                                  4th/19
Opponent rushes of 20+ yards        31st/9                                     5th/3
Opp. scoring outside red zone        31st/74 pts                           19th/48
Opp. overall passing                        17th/86.2 rating                  3rd/79.6
Run defense on 1st down                23rd/4.57                              3rd/3.38
Sacks                                                     2nd/27                                    1st/28
Total points allowed                         27th/213                                12th/165
Takeaways                                          9th/15                                    1st/18

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