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Ball security’s impact on win column

Posted by Chris Brown on November 10, 2014 – 9:35 am

No one needs to tell any player, coach or football fan how critical protecting the football is if you want your team to come out ahead on the scoreboard at the end of the game. When looking at this year’s league fumble statistics that fact is only reinforced.

The Bills have had their issues with ball security at times this season. In fact they’re tied for the second-most fumbles in the NFL this season (16), and are tied for fifth in most fumbles lost (8). Only the Jets have more total fumbles (19) and Dallas, the Giants and Pittsburgh lead the league in fumbles lost (10) with Philadelphia right behind them (9).

Perhaps the truest measure of ball security is fumbles per touch rate, which is the percentage the team has fumbled based on the number of times their players have touched the ball. The Bills are fifth in percentage of touches fumbled at 1.74% (919 touches, 16 fumbles, 8 fumbles lost). Here are the four teams with the highest fumbles per touch rate thus far this season.

1 – NY Jets – 1.88% (1,013 total touches, 19 total fumbles, 7 fumbles lost)
2 – Oakland – 1.82% (878 total touches, 16 total fumbles, 7 fumbles lost)
3 – Tampa Bay – 1.8% (834 total touches, 15 total fumbles, 7 fumbles lost)
4 – Chicago – 1.78% (901 total touches, 16 total fumbles, 8 fumbles lost)
Total won-loss record of top four fumbling clubs – 6-31

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