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Miami gets to red zone, scoring the problem

Posted by Chris Brown on November 11, 2014 – 1:46 pm

The Miami Dolphins have performed admirably when it comes to moving the ball down the field and inside an opponent’s 20-yard line. The problem is what happens after they reach the red zone.

Miami leads the league in red zone drives with 43 this season in their first nine games. The bad news is their touchdown efficiency in the red zone ranks 28th in the league (46.5%). Even worse is their goal-to-go touchdown efficiency, which ranks last in the NFL at just 50 percent. Dolphins offensive coordinator Bill Lazor

“Three weeks ago, I think we were third and then, last week, maybe we were tied for first or second in (red zone) opportunities that I saw,” Lazor said. “I guess if you look at the positives, it’s that we’re getting there and then it’s broken record, we’ve talked about it a number of times that we’ve got to do a better job and hopefully I gave some of my thoughts on the overall picture of why it’s harder there. We’ve got to be more detailed and get it done.

“I think we have a good plan going in. The players know what the plan is and, again, like we talked about with the deep ball, I’ll be the optimist and say this will be the week.”

Part of the problem for Miami has been ball security in the red zone. The Dolphins have coughed up the ball four times in the red zone this season, second most in the NFL. Lazor said execution has to be at its best inside the opponent’s 20 because there is less space to work, so precision has to be on point.

“As you get to the red zone, in the run game, the safeties get closer, so your margin for error is less,” he said. “In the pass game, the windows get smaller, your margin for error is less. So it’s really an amplified example of the detail of doing it exactly right and it’s certainly lagged behind for us on some of the other areas, I’m not surprised because it’s harder and there’s a reason why everyone puts emphasis on the red zone, because things happen faster, windows are tighter and we better get better fast.”

The Dolphins were one for two in the red zone in their first meeting against the Bills back in Week 2.


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