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Forbidden love at Ralph Wilson Stadium

Posted by Buffalo Bills on December 19, 2014 – 11:19 am

forbidden-love-blogWhen Jordan Eliason bought two tickets to last Sunday’s Bills-Packers game at Ralph Wilson Stadium, he never thought it would cap off the biggest few days of his life.

He thought taking his then-girlfriend Michelle to watch her Bills at home against his beloved Packers would highlight a fun December weekend, celebrating a friendly rivalry within their relationship.

But shortly after that ticket purchase, he proposed to Michelle and when they set the date for 12/13/14, the day before the game, he knew just how great that weekend would really be.

“When we realized it would be the day after our wedding, I said to Michelle, ‘Would you mind if we postponed our honeymoon trip a few days so we can go to a football game?’ She said yes,” recalled Jordan, laughing.

To put the exclamation point on the cold, loud, exciting part one to their honeymoon at Ralph Wilson Stadium – before a relaxing, sunny party two – Jordan had special jerseys made for the occasion. His, a Packers jersey, said “Forbidden” on the nameplate bearing number 12 for the month of December, and hers, a Bills jersey, said “Love” with the number 13 for the day they were married.

“People were coming up to take pictures of the backs of our jerseys. It was great,” he said.

In their first competition of marriage, Michelle’s Bills came through for her, possibly as a sign of things to come. But no matter the outcome of the game, “Forbidden Love” is a memory both will cherish forever.


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